Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy 

With Gold Lion Realty Inc., we are more than just real estate brokers and advisors, we are your long-term partners. We believe that in order to achieve your goals we must approach your unique project with a strategic and thoughtful approach. It is our belief that setting up strong promotional opportunities is essential to a well-developed marketing strategy. We customized each marketing campaign we execute in order to achieve each client’s specific real estate objectives. 

In addition to traditional marketing outlets, we use cutting-edge technology and market research to deliver results. 

Web Marketing

Every property we represent is listed in the number one commercial and industrial listing site in the USA; “”. Accessible on the internet, is a staple of any complete commercial and industrial real estate marketing strategy, exposing your property to the combined prospect lists of thousands of real estate brokers. 

Online Marketing 

Because potential buyers and tenants interested in the Chicagoland area are not confined to local venues, Gold Lion Realty Inc.,  strives to attract investors far and wide via the internet. Beyond posting properties on our website, we have established relationships with numerous commercial real estate listing sites that have proven to be successful in generating quality leads. 


It may come as a surprise to know just how vital a role signage plays in the commercial property market. Not only does it inform others of your intent to lease or sell, it exemplifies the property’s public exposure to potential tenants for buyers. No different than a billboard, properly placed signage can attract all types of serious buyers, from individuals actively seeking a property to those shopping impulse. 

Marketing Booklet

As with anything in life, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Our professional, full-color brochure formally introduces your property to our list of potential buyers and tenants. We prominently display a picture of your property including a list of comprehensive details, features and benefits. 

Broker Cooperation 

Gold Lion Realty Inc., never misses an opportunity to find a potential buyer or tenant. To maximize the exposure of your property, we cooperate with all licensed agents and brokers. By exhausting all resources and relationships, we can achieve your real estate objectives quickly and efficiently. 

Classified Marketing

Anyone can advertise: but Gold Lion Realty Inc., target’s potential buyers. Over the years, our experience has allowed us to identify local advertising opportunities and schedules that generate the greatest interest. 


Database Marketing

In our experience, many property transactions are made by investors that are not actively looking for a property. As a result, we approach a diverse mix of potential buyers, from commercial real estate brokers and agents with an interest in the Chicagoland area, to local commercial property owners wanting to build their portfolio, using a combination of direct mail campaigns and telemarketing initiatives. 

Market Mailings 

In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, it is important to keep key industry players and commercial property owners “in the know” by positioning your property in the forefront of their minds. 


  • Workout Officer at Community Bank

    Gold Lion helped us dispose of a property that we took over 9 months ago. Their ability to move quickly helped us recoup our costs.  

  • Business Owner

    When I bought my business two years ago, the building was not big enough as I started expanding the business.  Gold Lion helped me buy a larger building while simultaneously selling my current property

  • Landlord

    I own several commercial buildings and was referred to Gold Lion by a friend. Gold Lion helped me increase occupancy rate while lowering my monthly expenses.

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